Bubble Pet Water/Food Set

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2 in 1 Bubble Automatic Pet Double Bowl  - The bubble water storage is as transparent as a crystal ball, simple and exquisite shape, suitable for any kind of decoration style room. This pet double bowl conbined food bowl and water bowl, practical, beautiful and more convenience.

 Large Capacity  - The capacity of the bubble water feeder is 1.8L, this capacity meets the daily drinking water needs of all the pets. And you can understand the water level through transparent water polo in time, so that your lovely pet can drink fresh water everday.

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Water is critically important to a pets wellbeing. Ensure that they are drinking enough water to keep them hydrated. Bubble Water/Food Bowl  has a large capacity so your pets will always have drinking water  and food  readily available. The transparent bubble globe  allows you to check the water level easily. No electricity required.

Large Capacity: 1.8 liters of large capacity to meet the pet's daily drinking needs, to ensure that every mouth is fresh. The transparent water polo is easy to understand the water level.

Automatic Water Supply  - Transparent water polo can provide water for pets continuously and automatically replenish water throughout the process, saving you the trouble of changing water every day and make sure your cats or dogs can drink fresh water everyday.The siphon principle automatically replenishes water, reducing the hassle of changing water every day.

HUMANIZATION DESIGN-Made of environmentally friendly PP material ,Mouth separator prevents pets from soiling their mouth hair while driking water,and reserve a water outlet in the middle of the partition to prevent dust from polluting the water quality .

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