Just here to let people know that I washed this in the washing machine on the hottest setting and then put it in the dryer on the hottest setting and it came out fine. In case anyone is wondering. It says only wash cold but washing it hot worked for me. I washed it hot because my dog got sick and vet told me to wash all her bedding on the hot setting.

Verified Customer


My chihuahua loves it! She has a couple beds to lay on through out my house and this is the bed she always chooses. Its very soft and cozy. I will most likely buy another one when the small size is available again. Great buy!

Nancy Taylor


can't say enough about this bed - it's not inexpensive but worth every cent. My little girlie sinks into dreamland right away. She has Cushings with some skin issues and the material is so soft. Love love it!

Verified Customer


Perfect for our boy loves it especially they soft sides.. only down side is that the base padding is thin right in the centre.

Verified Customer

This is the best purchase I’ve ever made. Arthur is a 23lb cat and finding a bed with a cover that fits him has proved challenging. This is fabulous material/quality and he loves it. Took a day and a little cat nip to get used to but now you can see it’s his favorite.

Kate E. Davis

I have an elderly cat that get litter everywhere! Thought I’d give this a go to see how much it captures and am pleasantly surprised. I put one edge under my cat litter tray to help keep placement and he can walk from box into mat easily. Appears to be soft so doesn’t hurt his feet and captures any excess litter. I like that it has a bottom part that captures the litter that I can actually put straight into trash or back into litter tray.

Ms. G. Mcnicol


Zolli thoroughly approves of the new bed ! It is soft and snuggly, nice and light and the best part is that the whole thing goes in the washing machine .. have ordered two more

Verified Customer

Love love love. For 8 years I have looked for a dremel that would work on my large breed dogs toe nails. I have found it! Quiet. Powerful. Cordless. Easy to use. I want to buy extras incase they don't sell them anymore

Verified Customer

Five stars for everything BUT working well. Barely did anything for our dogs, and they're small. Boston terrier and a Dachshund. We returned it.

Tara Taylors


I ordered a size small for my 3 pound yorkie. It fits perfect with extra room. I love the adjustable strap and iPhone holder. She seems comfortable in it. Would recommend for your furry baby.


I have a two pound Morkie pup who got lost in the other sling I bought him. This one fits him much better (he can actually see out) and I anticipate it fitting him at his full grown adult size of 6 pounds as well! Well made and highly recommended.


Omg I love it so much I don't have a car and the regular carriers are to heavy this was perfect.


Bought two, one for my 65lb Shepard mix and one for my 75lb boxer and they both love it!! Great investment for a great price!!



It's purrfect for my 17lb devil cat who was always walking on my keyboard driving me insane. Now he has a spot above his sister all to himself where he can lounge unaccosted and bask in the sun!



Ok, so anyone with a cat knows that anything you buy for them is utterly snubbed in preference of the box. In this case however, and I have 2 cats, both the Thing In Itself and the box were superlative. Two birds, one purchase.

And more happy customers everyday ...

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